KSB ETANORM 125-100-315


Pump KSB Etanorm is ideal for water supply systems.


  • Farms & irrigation, swimming pools.
  • Fire-fighting systems, drainage systems.
  • Heating systems, air-conditioning systems.
  • Spray irrigation systems. Other.

Technical overview

  • Caron steel shaft with stainless steel sleeve.
  • Cast iron impeller. (Pls contact for bronze impeller prices)
  • Supplied with full size impeller unless cut size specified*.
  • Option of either pedestal or bracket version.
  • Option of either mechanical seal or gland packed version.
  • Actual product varies slightly from picture shown.

Please select your sealing arrangement and mechanical end before adding to cart. (Check stock before ordering, different pumps have different lead times.)

Price includes VAT 15%
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