Borehole Pumps

Borehole pumps are essentially multistage pumps submerged to significant depths, sometimes over 250m. They are usually long cylinders encased in stainless sleeves, typically designed to fit in holes we call boreholes. Boreholes are drilled to abstract water from underground water resources at depths as shallow as 10m. The pump and motor are the key elements of any borehole pumping system, which are usually sold separately. Coupled with the pump set are three key components: a pipe to transfer the pumped medium to the surface, an electric cable to power the motor, and a support or safety cord. This rope prevents the pump set from accidentally dropping into the borehole. M Bond Pumps offers a wide range of borehole pumps, including the versatile and cost-effective WILO SPU4 pumps. We also stock Grundfos Borehole Pumps and Grundfos Solar Borehole Pumps. We sell Water Pumps Online at super competitive prices. If you require assistance selecting the borehole pump, you are welcome to contact any of our trained consultants for help.