FAQs & Policies

Delivery Excluded

Do we offer delivery on water pumps and electric motors?

M Bond Pumps does offer delivery. Please enquire. 

When you opt to collect your purchase  from M Bond Pumps, the point of collection is; 

7 Port Street, Saxenburg Park 2, Kuilsriver in Cape Town 7580.

Johannesburg collection – Please confirm address with us when ordering. 

Durban collection – Please confirm address with us when ordering. 

Do you provide packaging for transport at collection time?

All pumps and motors collected from M Bond Engineering are packaged and ready for shipment.

Can I send my own courier to collect my new water pump or electric motor?

You can send your own courier to collect. Please ensure your courier is familiar and experienced in collection of really heavy loads. Water pumps and motors can weigh hundreds of kilograms, and normal freight companies are not equipped to collect such weights, nor offload at your premises.

Where are you located?

M Bond is located at the M Bond Engineering building, 7 Port Street , Saxenburg Park 2, Kuilsriver, Cape Town 7580.

Can I collect my KSB water pump and electric motor from other major cities?

It is usually possible to arrange collection at other major cities in South Africa. This depends on where the stock from our suppliers currently sits and is not guaranteed.

Technical Considerations

Can we help you select the correct motor or pump?

Yes. We employ engineers, and technical sales persons and therefore have the technical knowledge and competence to assist you in selecting the correct pump for your application. If we are unsure, we can get additional advice from manufacturers on your behalf. When requested us to make the selection, all information which we may request, must be made available to us, else we can’t make a safe selection. 

Why must I specify the sealing arrangement and mechanical end?

Water pumps have different sealingoptions. You need to specify whether gland packing or mechanical seal is suitable to your application. You also need to select whether need bracket type grace lubrication (sealed bearings) or require pedestal type oil bath (open bearings in an oil bath) configuration. If you do not know, M Bond Pumps staff can assist you.

Do we supply KSB pumps with pre filled oil?

Water pumps get supplied dry. 

Do we take Covid 19 precautions

All Pumps and Motors are sanitised at the point of dispatch when collected from M Bond Engineering offices in 7 Port Street in Saxenburg Park 2.

Can we install your electric motor or water pump for you?

Yes. In the Western Cape we have installed thousands of water pumps (and electric motors) since 1999 through M Bond Engineering site services.

Do I need to specify an impeller cut and why does it cost extra?

Water pumps produce different heads and flows when impeller sizes change. Therefore impeller cuts must be specified at time of the order. We charge extra to cut an impeller, because the pump needs to be stripped, impeller removed and machined to correct size, and reinserted. Thereafter the pump has to be resprayed. The cost of impeller cuts starts from R450.00.  

Can I upgrade from the std cast iron impeller?

Yes. When pumping aggressive liquids, we may recommend you upgrade to a bronze impeller with bronze wear rings. Please contact us for pricing. 

Do we only sell new motors and water pumps?

M bond also repairs electric motors and water pumps. Read more about our electric motor repair near me capabilities here

Payment Information

Is my payment to M Bond Pumps secure?
Yes. PayFast (our vendor) is PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider (the highest level).

PayFast is developed with the same demands on security and performance as web sites used for banking services and share trading. Your account login, personal details, and all money transactions are secured using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology with high security 256 bit encryption.

Your sensitive financial information (like credit/debit card details) is never sent to M Bond Pumps. So you pay without sending us your financial information!

Payfast make use of 3D Secure to further enhance the security your credit card transactions.

Why must I wait until my EFT reflects before collection?

This is to prevent fraudulent transactions from taking place. Contact us for EFT banking details. 

Can I pay cash on collection?

Yes. Please enquire 

Why are your prices on water pumps and electric motors low?

M Bond Pumps provides large discounts which other suppliers usually can’t match. We move allot of water pumps and electric motors and therefore qualify for substantial discounts from the manufacturers which we proudly pass onto our clients!

Returns / Warranty

Do you accept returns on water pumps or electric motors?

No. Ordinarily there will be no reason to return a pump or motor. However, if there is a technical issue with the pump or motor, M Bond Pumps in consultation with KSB or WEG would look at providing support to remedy the technical issue with the item. Due to the high quality of KSB’s and WEG’s products, technical issues with KSB pumps or WEG electrical motors occur very infrequently.

Do your water pumps and electric motors come with a warranty?

Yes. 12-24 months manufactures warranty depending on the product purchased. In the rare instance that this is required, please consult with us before returning the pump or motor for further investigation. In 99% of warranty claims, the issue(s) lies with the system, or with an incorrectly specified water pump and electric motor, and usually not with the water pump or motor itself. 

Confirming Stock

Do M Bond Pumps carry stock onwater pumps and electric motors?

Yes. We carry fast movers. Due to the large variety of pumps, motors and pump configurations on offer, it is not possible to keep every type of water pump and electric motor in stock.

Why must I confirm stock before ordering from M Bond Pumps online?

We only carry a select quantity of fast movers. Due to the large variety of pumps and pump configurations on offer, it is not possible to keep every type of water pump or electric motor in stock. Hence the need to confirm stock with us before placing your order. Stock lead times can vary between 1 day and several weeks, depending on availability of your required equipment.

Covid 19 precautions

What COVID 19 precautions can I expect?

Many. All products which are readied for collection from M Bond Engineering are fully sanitised to Class 1 international standards.