M bond Engineering has been offering electric motor repair for over 22 years. We are a specialist electrical and mechanical engineering firm based in Cape Town, South Africa. Our skilled team offer a full maintenance and a bespoke electric motor repair service for all of AC motors. We also supply a large range of 3 phase electric motors for sale and KSB pumps which ensures that if a replacement motor is necessary, that this takes place in the shortest time frame possible.

During M bond Pump’s electric motor repairs, the following works are carried out:

(Please bear in mind, that our repairs, and maintenance, are the key to dependable, long-life operation of your electric motor.)

Electrical Services

Firstly, your electric motor is given a unique JC number. This records the type, brand and model, repair date and descriptions of repairs. By keeping these records, M Bond has helped many clients in the past two decades to identify root causes of most recurring breakdowns. You can count on M Bond for quality electric motor repairs.

Electric Motor Rewinding

Secondly, if your electric motors are still operational when they are booked into our electric motor repair centre, the motors is tested for excessive noise, and vibration before service. This is supplemented by a detailed visual inspection. M Bond test the electric motor windings, and check the bearings. Thereafter we give you a report and formal quotation for any repairs or electric motor rewinding required. Contact us to book your motor repair. (Note we outsource the rewinding of motors)




The repair in detail

Thirdly, once fully stripped, the motor’s components are thoroughly cleaned, and examined for wear & tear. Careful measurements are taken of the shaft run-out which is an often-overlooked component of the repair. We also check journal sizes in the motor frame, and ensure that the motor’s shaft is running true. These checks are vital the electric motor service. We might indicate that balancing the shaft and armature is necessary to eliminate excess vibration. Did you know that often times it has become more cost effective to buy a new motor, than rewinding the old one. Once a motor has been rewound too often, it can negatively impact the motor’s efficiency. 

We may advise on a Motor Rewind

Fourthly, should tests indicate that motor rewinding is needed or the stator is no longer serviceable at all, your electric motor need a rewind. Our outsourced motor rewinders in Stikland, Northern Suburbs. We do repair damaged armatures and stators but will sometimes advise on replacement with OEM parts. Should the motor fan be damaged, we do replacement and repairs as needed. You can count on M Bond Engineering for all your electrical motor repairs.

We repair popular motor brands including

  • ZEST WEG Motor Repairs
  • Motorelli Motor Repairs
  • ACTOM Motor Repairs
  • BMG Motor Repairs
  • CMG Motor Repairs
  • Regal Beloit Motor Repairs
  • General Electric Motor Repairs

Site Removal and Installation Service

MBE undersrand that if your electric motor fails, it is a fundamental component of your operation. Drawing on our extensive knowledge base and years of experience we will usually quickly identify & repair issues with AC induction motors. We go to the ends of the earth to ensure to meet deadlines, which ultimately means less down time for your factory, farm or plant. Do you need assistance now? Call us.