Founded in 1999, M Bond Pumps (brand of of M Bond Engineering) is the respected online authority on electric motors, base plates and allied fabrications, and waters pumps. MBP offer more than just sales and do advise on all your electric motor and pumping requirements. M Bond Pumps is the online division of M Bond Engineering.

For all electric motor requirements, large or small, you can trust MBP to assist and supply you the correct water pumps and electric motors for your application. Our manufacturing division fabricates galvanised base plates, skids, floats and water pump trailers and custom  steel fabrications. We also manufacture pipelines and spool-pieces, Our maintenance teams provide trusted electric motor and water pump repairs. 

Our sales team are trained  in the most pumps and electric motors. Our advice is free – advice on which water pump to buy to suit your requirements. 

MBP are open Monday from 8am to 5pm and Fridays from 8am to 4pm.

Please note M Bond Pumps is an ONLINE store only.

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