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“Zest WEG is a company that has been powering industries around the world with their high-quality electric motors. As an integral player within the global market, Zest WEG Motors offers solutions that are not only innovative but also reliable and efficient. This article will delve into the various aspects of Zest WEG Motors, their services, and why M Bond Pumps is a proud authorised distributor of Zest WEG electric motors…”

The Zest WEG Group

The Zest WEG Group has established itself as a leading provider in the electromechanical engineering industry. With a focus on the African market, Zest WEG has made significant strides in supplying electric motors that cater to diverse industrial needs. Their product range is extensive, covering high-performance motors that are suitable for a variety of applications.


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Zest Electric Motors

Zest electric motors are engineered to meet the highest standards of performance. They are designed to be durable, ensuring that industries that depend on continuous operations can do so with minimal interruptions. This commitment to quality has made Zest WEG a preferred brand for many businesses seeking dependable motor solutions.

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M Bond Pump’s popular motor – from the WEG range, is their 30kW 3 phase motor.

Efficiency and Innovation

Zest WEG Motors are synonymous with efficiency. The company invests heavily in research and development to keep their products at the forefront of technology. This innovation results in motors that not only consume less energy but also have a reduced environmental impact – a crucial factor in today’s eco-conscious market.

WEG Motors South Africa

WEG Motors have a strong presence in South Africa, with Zest WEG Cape Town being one of the key locations where these motors are distributed.

The South African industry benefits from the local availability of these world-class motors, backed by the Zest WEG Group’s exceptional customer service and technical support. Popular WEG Motors are the 9.2kW 4 Pole variant, as well as the 1.5kW 3 Phase 6 Pole Variant

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M Bond Pumps and Zest WEG

M Bond Pumps takes pride in being an authorised distributor of Zest WEG electric motors. This partnership allows M Bond Pumps to offer its customers top-of-the-line motor solutions that are backed by Zest WEG’s reputation for excellence. Customers can trust that they are receiving authentic and high-quality motors when they choose to work with M Bond Pumps.

A Commitment to Service

M Bond Pumps is committed to providing outstanding service, ensuring that clients receive the right Zest WEG motor for their specific needs. With expert knowledge and a comprehensive understanding of the Zest WEG motor product range, M Bond Pumps can guide customers through the selection process, guaranteeing optimal performance for their applications. Keen to know more about how awesome electric motors are? Why not read our Ultimate Guide to Electric Motors


Zest WEG Motors continue to lead the industry with their superior electric motors, and their presence in South Africa is a testament to their global reach and commitment to quality.

For those in the market for reliable and efficient motor solutions, partnering with M Bond Pumps as an authorised distributor of Zest WEG electric motors is a smart move.

With a focus on customer satisfaction and technical excellence, Zest WEG and M Bond Pumps are powering industries into a more productive and sustainable future. Visit ZEST WEG Cape Town 

M Bond Pumps is also a leading global distributor of Water Pumps 

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