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A Guide to KSB Pumps

“KSB pumps are renowned worldwide for their reliability and versatility in a wide array of industries. Whether you’re involved in water supply, wastewater treatment, or industrial processes, understanding the range and capabilities of KSB pumps is essential. This guide is designed to provide you with some knowledge about KSB pumps, including their types, selection processes, and services offered by suppliers in South Africa….”

The Legacy of KSB Pumps

KSB is a leading manufacturer of pumps and valves, with a rich history dating back to 1871. With a focus on innovation and quality, KSB has established itself as a trusted provider of pump solutions across the globe. Its commitment to excellence has led to a diverse range of products that meet the demands of various applications.

Broad Range of Applications

KSB pumps are used in a variety of sectors including building services, industry, water transport, waste water treatment, and the energy sector. With tailor-made solutions, KSB ensures that its products are perfectly adapted to individual requirements and can operate efficiently under the most demanding conditions.

Quality and Innovation

KSB’s commitment to quality is evident in its rigorous testing and quality control processes. The company is also at the forefront of pump technology innovation, continuously improving its products to deliver better performance and durability.

Types of KSB Water Pumps

KSB Pumps Product Range

KSB offers a comprehensive range of pump types to cater to a variety of needs. Here’s a closer look at some of the types of KSB water pumps available:


The KSB WKLN is a heavy-duty centrifugal pump designed for high performance in water supply and irrigation applications. Its robust construction ensures longevity even in harsh conditions.

KSB Omega

The KSB Omega series of pumps are volute casing pumps that are primarily used for process applications. They’re known for their reliability in handling large flow rates and high-pressure conditions.

KSB Etanorm

The KSB Etanorm & the KSB Etabloc is a standard water pump that’s widely used for water supply, heating, cooling, and circulation purposes. It’s one of the world’s best-selling pumps, renowned for its energy efficiency and ease of maintenance.

KSB Multistage

For applications requiring high pressures, KSB multistage pumps, such as the Movitec series, are ideal. These pumps are typically used in water treatment, boiler feed, and industrial cleaning processes.

KSB Amaporter

The KSB Amaporter is a submersible pump designed for wastewater and sewage handling. It’s a robust pump that can handle solids-laden fluids with ease.

KSB Borehole Pumps

KSB’s borehole pumps are engineered for deep well pumping. They’re often used in mining, agriculture, and domestic water supply to extract water from great depths.

KSB Pump Selection Software

The software supports you in finding an optimal solution tailored to your projects. All that is required from you, are the criteria for your project and a few minutes of your time. The tool will systematically guide you through KSB’s comprehensive product range until you have found the right product for your application.

Being a standalone package, it is not reliant on internet connectivity to operate, making pump selection available anytime when required.

Download KSB Pump Selection Software here 744MB (.zip) 

Run ”setup.exe”
Use details below, when prompted
User Group: KSB
Password: ksbksb

KSB Pump Selection Software

Choosing the right pump for your needs is crucial for optimal performance. KSB offers a user-friendly pump selection software that simplifies this process. By entering your required parameters, such as flow rate and head, the software provides you with suitable pump options along with their performance curves.

KSB Pump Curves

Understanding KSB pump curves is vital in selecting the correct pump. These curves illustrate the relationship between the flow rate and the head (the height to which the pump can raise water) at various operating points. It allows users to determine the most efficient pump for their specific application.

KSB Pumps Locations in South Africa

KSB pumps are readily available across South Africa, with numerous distribution points and service centers to ensure that customers have access to products and support. Here’s a snapshot of KSB’s presence in the region:

KSB Pumps and Valves South Africa

KSB South Africa specializes in providing high-quality pumps and valves. With extensive experience in the local market, KSB offers tailored solutions to meet the unique requirements of South African customers.

M Bond Pumps – Authorised Distributor in Cape Town

M Bond Pumps is an authorised distributor of KSB pumps in Cape Town. With a reputation for excellent customer service and technical expertise, M Bond Pumps ensures that clients in the region have access to the complete range of KSB products and services.

KSB Pump Suppliers South Africa

There are numerous KSB pump suppliers throughout South Africa, offering the complete range of KSB products. They provide expert advice, installation services, and after-sales support to ensure that customers get the most out of their KSB pumps.

Pump Services by KSB

To complement its range of pumps, KSB also offers an array of services designed to maintain pump performance and extend service life. These services include:

Installation and Commissioning

Proper installation and commissioning are critical for pump performance. KSB offers professional installation services to ensure that your pumps are set up correctly from the start.

Repair and Maintenance

M Bond KSB Service and Repair

KSB provides comprehensive repair and maintenance services to keep your pumps running smoothly. With regular maintenance, you can prevent unexpected downtime and extend the lifespan of your pumps.

Spare Parts and Accessories

KSB ensures that spare parts and accessories for its pumps are readily available. This minimizes downtime and ensures that repairs can be conducted quickly and efficiently.

Our Final Thoughts on KSB Pumps

Why we love KSB?

KSB pumps are truly a testament to quality, efficiency, and reliability. With a wide range of products and services, KSB caters to a variety of industries and applications. Whether you’re in Cape Town or any other part of South Africa, there’s a KSB product and service available to meet your needs.

As an industrial leader, KSB continues to innovate and provide solutions that advance the world of pump technology. When choosing a pump, consider the unparalleled expertise and comprehensive support that KSB offers. With the right KSB pump and service, you can ensure optimal performance and reliability for your pumping needs.

For those in the market for industrial pumps, KSB’s legacy, coupled with their commitment to customer satisfaction, makes them a top choice for any pump application.

With the support of authorised distributors like M Bond Pumps in Cape Town, accessing these world-class products has never been easier. M Bond offers a wide variety of KSB Water Pumps

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